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Cake was the reason why I got into design. Sounds strange but hear me out. Like many, I haven’t had the most traditional path into industry. I had aspirations of being a graphic designer in college and even took design and art classes to prepare. But things changed and I needed a job, so I found myself in the finance industry, while putting those design dreams on a shelf. Fast foward over the years and not quite fitting in and lacking interest in finance, I stumbled upon cake decorating. It was a good way to stretch those creativity bones and bake at the same time. I then started a side business while still working in finance which I ran for over 2 years. By then I noticed that I was more interested in designing the cakes than baking them. So, I went back to the drawing board did some research and soul searching and came upon product design and loved it. Taking a risk, I enrolled in a design bootcamp and immersed myself in the industry and now here I am, ready to start my design career!